Tackling exception handling with supply chain rework

Jan 26, 2024
By Systech

As the industry moves full speed ahead into the DSCSA stabilization period we become more equipped to handle exceptions. When we refer to exceptions, we are talking about six different categories of errors. These are… 

  • Data issues  
  • Damaged product  
  • Product, no data  
  • Data, no product  
  • Packaging  
  • Product hold  

All these issues can result in good products being withheld from the requiring patient. So how do we combat these issues? Or better yet, stop them from happening?  

Rework allows a user to modify the aggregated data to match what is in the physical environment with what the systems are indicating about the packaging hierarchy.  Adding or removing children from a parent, printing new labels, splitting pallets, QA sampling, creating partials, correcting issues due to damage to finished goods, and many other functions are supported through the rework platform.   

Systech’s feature-rich solution allows operators to perform rework through the Human Machine Interface (HMI), on a separate workstation, or handheld mobile device on the line during the packaging lot or post-lot in the warehouse. The solution is easy to use and intuitive with operator guided workflows.  

By leveraging rework operations, we can correct these errors in real-time. We can make data adjustments to continue the flow of products and corresponding data.  


Below is a series of questions to think about when determining the best way to handle your supply-chain rework. 


Are you prepared to handle all the different use cases? 

  • Reworking both large volumes and small one-offs 
  • Reconfiguring aggregated shippers and pallets, creating new shippers and pallets and managing label templates. 
  • Unscrambling mixed totes of returns (both saleable and non-saleable) 
  • Decommissioning damaged items 

How will you manage serial number verification and decommission?  

  • How do you plan to perform serial number verification in consideration 
  • of the diverse approaches presented in different markets?  
  • If another company repacks your product, how will they inform you of decommission activity? 
  • If another company parallel imports your product in the EU, how will they notify the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) that the country your products are attached to has changed? 

Does your product get a new serial number upon repackaging? 

  • If yes, how is the previous serial number tracked? 
  • Is the old serial number associated with the new? 
  • Is another vendor needed to manage this? 

Luckily, Systech offers a simple, cloud-based solution for supply-chain rework. Unlike other solutions, no major equipment installations are required (e.g. onsite server). Everything is handled securely online. You can manage logistics remotely through a fully integrated, easy-to-use interface. 

Systech provides complete traceability across your entire supply-chain ecosystem—manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors, 3PLs, dispensaries and regulatory bodies. 


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