Recall Management — A More Efficient, Cost-effective Approach

Systech’s UniTrace® L4 trace-and-trace solution offers multiple features to optimize product recall processes, generating greater operational efficiency and cost effectiveness while ensuring global compliance.  

What is Recall Management?

Product recalls continue to plague the pharmaceutical industry, with thousands of medications pulled off the market every year around the world. They’re time-consuming and costly with logistical challenges, compliance requirements, the need for meticulous traceability, and other factors adding to the complexity. 

Yet failure to locate and pull recalled products quickly can have serious consequences for public health and safety. Pharmaceutical companies and others throughout the supply chain face significant risks as well. Among them: regulatory sanctions, noncompliance penalties, potential lawsuits, supply chain disruptions, market share loss, and more. 

Cost-effective Solution

Systech UniTrace solution provides a robust framework for managing product recalls efficiently, which in turn leads to greater cost effectiveness. At the same time, it helps maintain high standards of product safety and integrity while ensuring regulatory compliance. All recall features are built into the system; no additional software is required. 

Aggregation Enabled Track and Trace

By leveraging Systech industry leading serialization and aggregation manufacturers and trading partners can swiftly identify affected products and potential risks to rapidly respond to recalls  

Regulatory Compliance

The UniTrace system is designed to ensure that recall procedures are conducted in accordance with legal and industry standards, including those from the FDA, EMA, and other health authorities. It maintains a secure record of every product movement and transaction for full accountability and transparency and generates the necessary documentation for regulatory reporting. It also connects with master data systems and regulatory databases to keep pace with changing requirements. 

Real-time Monitoring and Data Management

Systech’s integrated platform provides a single source of truth for all product master data. This further facilitates operational efficiencies by simplifying the identification of the root cause of a recall, the understanding of the extent of the issue, and execution of a targeted, effective recall strategy. 

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