Packaging verification and vision inspection

In today’s dynamic manufacturing environment, you need your product packaging to be rock-solid reliable. Systech’s automated inspection solutions ensure you consistently produce high-quality packaging and readable, accurate codes.

Fast, flexible setup for dependable verification and quality control

When you rely on manual processes, it takes relentless effort to guarantee accuracy and efficiency. Packaging errors that aren’t discovered for several hours—or worse, after leaving your factory—lead to scrap, rework or costly recall management.

Our configurable, user-friendly interface boosts operator efficiency. Recipe-driven workflow—combined with reject station management and control of intelligent online devices such as printers, scanners and checkweighers—provides an integrated quality control platform for each inspection station.

Proven machine vision inspection

Rooted in decades of machine vision expertise, our solutions combine vision technology with procedural management and device communication to provide our customers a single solution for real-time production monitoring, control, data collection and reporting.

  • Packaging accuracy: Verify package labeling, contents and data on a broad variety of container types.
  • Data integrity: Confirm printed data is consistently present, readable and contains the right information.
  • Quality assurance: Detect immediately when packaging is defective and correct in real time.

Vision tool automation without programming

Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to leverage powerful machine vision algorithms without being an experienced vision engineer. Users, including line mechanics and operators, harness sophisticated functionality simply by selecting options via check boxes, drop-down menus and sliders.

Each Systech vision tool is designed and optimized to perform a specific type of inspection. All our tools are configurable and can be combined to create complex inspection routines, with all inter-tool communication and optimizations built in.

Our system architecture incorporates vision and non-vision functionality into a seamless platform—integrating device configuration, user access control, procedural management, vision configuration and a run-time environment.

The advantages are clear

Advanced vision inspection

  • Inspect almost any container including round bottles, glass vials, cartons and non-uniform packages
  • Ensure package contents are correct and in proper quantities
  • Confirm quality and position of seals, crimps, tamper-evident labeling

Quality, waste reduction and efficiency 

  • Reject individual faulty packs or stop entire line
  • Confirm prints are present, readable, accurate
  • Ensure data integrity for product coding and package verification


  • Ensure package design and branding
  • Ensure printing compliance
  • Ensure packaging matches production orders for recalls

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