Medical devices: Protecting products and the patients who need them

Medical devices can save lives. But counterfeits put patients at risk. Systech offers comprehensive vision inspection, identification, traceability and authentication solutions to secure the supply chain, protect your products and meet regulatory requirements.

Compliance begins with packaging quality

Our patented software platform integrates vision inspection, device management, line control and workflow management. Having Systech vision on the line is the most cost-effective way to ensure your total cost of ownership remains low. You get a tightly integrated, single-vendor solution—without impact on production rates—to help you reduce waste, drive efficiency and achieve compliance.

Digital traceability & authentication for product protection

Systech offers a comprehensive solution to track and authenticate devices as they move through the supply chain. You get a digital layer of protection to comply with government requirements and more.

  • Automated quality inspection
  • Efficient recall management
  • Optimized line management
  • Counterfeit and diverted product detection
  • Regulatory compliance

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