Medical devices: Tackling the global supply chain threats of counterfeiting and diversion

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of critical medical devices and products is paramount.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s high-volume bandages, sutures and PPE, or high-value medical devices and surgical instruments—growing global demand and explosion of online marketplaces make medical devices lucrative targets for fraud.

We understand the current challenges you are facing..​.

Counterfeiting and diversion can pose significant risks to patients and healthcare providers and can impact brand reputation. 
Global supply chain disruptions, such as caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, can impact your distribution network, jeopardizing availability.
Inspection to standards established for products and their labeling reduces recall risk and minimizes any patient and practitioner risks.

Here's how we can help!

Product authentication

Systech technology leverages an existing package barcode (UDI, UPC, QR) to create a digital identifier, an e-Fingerprint®, for each and every product. This establishes a digital layer of product protection. Using a simple smartphone app, a product can be authenticated as genuine or suspect immediately—anywhere in the supply chain. Establishing a strong counterfeit and diversion detection program can now be placed in the hands of your inspectors and supply chain partners.

End-to-end traceability

Systech pioneered item-level serialization and is a leading supplier of compliance solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. And with the ability to aggregate, our platform also allows cases and pallets of products to be identified and traceable across the supply chain. We deliver transparency through integrating supply chain data with your supply chain partners to deliver a stronger and safer product journey.

Quality inspection

Built on over 35 years of proven performance, our patented software platform integrates vision inspection, line control and workflow management. Having Systech vision on the line is the most effective way to ensure your total cost of ownership remains low. You get a tightly integrated, single-vendor solution—without impact on production rates—to help you reduce waste, drive efficiency and achieve compliance.

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