Anti-counterfeiting for supply chains

Today, the market for counterfeit goods is massive and is estimated to be over $3 trillion—more than the GDP of most countries. You need a plan… 

Product safety is a constant battle...

When fake products enter the market, consumer safety is jeopardized, and people lose confidence in your brand. Even with security methods in place, criminals are clever and determined. Advances in technology make it easier than ever for them to duplicate packaging or destroy anti-counterfeiting technologies. You need layers of protection. Systech can help…

Winning is easier than you think!

Systech offers comprehensive solutions to help manufacturers and distributors combat product counterfeiting effectively, building on the foundation of regulatory compliance and going well beyond.  

  • Serialization: Systech’s serialization solutions enable brands to assign unique identifiers to each product for real-time tracking and monitoring, making it challenging for diverted products to go unnoticed.  
  • Track and Trace: With Systech’s industry-leading track and trace capabilities, manufacturers can monitor the movement of their products throughout the supply chain to identify fake products.
  • Digital Product Authentication: Systech provides a non-replicable, non-additive, covert digital product authentication solution that works with existing 1D and 2D barcodes and packaging to deliver immediate counterfeit detection. 
WEBINAR | June 6th at 10am EST/4pm CET

Pharma supply chain insights to action

with IDC Analysts

Exclusive data-driven session on “Solving the Critical Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges” with the latest research findings on industry trends and innovative technologies to address market needs.