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October 4-6, 2023 | Boston

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2023-08-18 | Pharmaceutical track-and-trace must be perfected by November deadline

“If data and product don’t flow seamlessly across the pharma supply chain, massive rework requirements will boomerang back to manufacturers, demanding packaging operations scale rework capabilities to unprecedented levels,” writes…

2023-08-15 | Ensure drug supply chain compliance by getting your data in order

As the DSCSA deadline looms, is your data in order? “All stakeholders in the drug supply chain must adopt robust data management systems and processes to ensure the accurate and… 

2023-08-15 | Tackling the growing threat of medical device fraud

Worldwide, medical device fraud runs rampant. Steve Tallant examines this growing threat in a recent Viewpoint column featured in Securing Industry. By implementing a sophisticated tracking system, medical device manufacturers…