Equip your supply chain for diversion detection

Companies lose billions of dollars annually to product diversion. Fight back with an easy way to quickly detect and stop diversion sources.

How Systech can help address diversion

Systech’s anti-diversion solutions are vital in safeguarding the supply chain from the challenges of unauthorized distribution. Maintaining brand integrity and protecting your products from diversion is crucial for ensuring product quality, customer trust and overall brand success. In an industry where authenticity and quality are paramount, Systech is a powerful ally in the fight against diversion. 

Pinpoint and root out illicit sellers

Fighting back begins with rooting out illicit sellers in the supply chain. It is all about comprehensive visibility—but achieving this is no small task. Before you can stop illicit sellers, you have to find them first.

Systech offers is a non-additive product protection solution that works with your existing package codes to detect diversion. Get real-time alerts and actionable data to track your products and investigate supply chain threats.

Stop diversion sources quickly

As a leading provider of brand protection and serialization solutions, Systech empowers you to immediately detect diversion providing real-time access to item-specific details such as purchase order, intended destination, recipient and more.

With end-to-end supply chain insight, you can quickly identify offending diversion sources and stop them with documented proof.

Game-changing diversion detection = unprecedented brand protection

Systech offers comprehensive solutions that enable brands to detect diversion. Field inspectors can check products right from the shelves of retailers and see immediately where, when and to whom you originally shipped those units.

  • Serialization: Systech’s serialization solutionsenable brands to assign unique identifiers to each product. This approach allows for real-time tracking and monitoring, making it challenging for diverted products to go unnoticed.  
  • Track and Trace: With Systech’s industry-leading track and trace capabilities, manufacturers can monitor the movement of their products throughout the supply chain. This monitoring helps identify and address diversion and unauthorized distribution.  
  • Digital Product Authentication: Systech provides a non-replicable, non-additive, covert digital product authentication solutionthat works with existing 1D and 2D barcodes and packaging to deliver immediate diversion detection. With an easy-to-use smartphone app, brands and their trading partners can instantly verify product authenticity—anywhere in the supply chain.  

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