Product authentication simplified – UniSecure®

UniSecure is a non-additive product protection solution that works with your existing package codes to identify counterfeits and detect diversion. Get real-time alerts and actionable data to track your products and investigate supply chain threats.

Protect your consumers, your reputation and your revenue

Counterfeiting and diversion plague every industry with global sales stealing trillions of dollars each year… and your brand is not immune. When your products are diverted or faked, consumer safety is jeopardized, and people lose trust in your brand. 

Leverage what you already have to take product security to a new level—without packaging or production changes.


Works with 1D, 2D Data Matrix and QR codes without packaging or workflow changes


Creates a unique, digital e-Fingerprint® which cannot be seen or duplicated


Instantly identifies fake or diverted products via a smartphone app


Built-in tools utilize extensive data to investigate supply chain threats

Instantly identify counterfeits

The UniSecure mobile app puts the power of product authentication into your hands. Verify authenticity in seconds using a smartphone or industrial device—anywhere in your supply chain.

  • Easy to use app
  • Fast, secure authentication
  • Non-replicable, unique e-Fingerprint

Detect diversion across your supply chain

Don’t let product diversion compromise the integrity of your brand. Our solution makes it easy to hyper-accelerate the detection process with complete, real-time visibility into supply chain activity.

  • Real-time alerts of suspect activity
  • Robust item details: where, when, who
  • End-to-end product tracing

Investigate threats with forensic tools

Built-in forensic intelligence helps you identify the source of the problem. Data is centralized to reduce manual collection hours and make information easily shareable.

  • Cloud-based portal provides access to extensive supply chain data
  • Historical trend reports identify hot spots, patterns and threats across distribution network
  • Integrations into reporting agencies to maintain safe, connected supply chain

How it works

Designed for easy deployment — on your line and across the supply chain

  1. CAPTURE: Plug-and-play smart camera integrates securely onto your packaging line
  2. STORE: Digital e-Fingerprint is created from package code and sent to cloud
  3. VERIFY: Authentication is performed with smartphones across your distribution network
  4. INVESTIGATE: Single-pane-of-glass view delivers rich product data and actionable information

Leverage what you already have to uplevel your brand protection program today!​

It’s never been easier to combat counterfeiting and root out supply chain diversion. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a brand protection expert.

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