Digital authentication – UniSecure®

UniSecure is a revolutionary product authentication solution that works with existing barcodes and packaging to deliver immediate counterfeit and diverted product detection. With UniSecure, you don’t have to change anything to change everything about the way your products are protected.

Authenticate products on your mobile device

Because the solution uses a simple smartphone app, UniSecure facilitates verification anytime, anywhere. Via the mobile app, you can restrict access to a tightly controlled set of supply-chain partners and corporate inspectors.

  • Authenticate products on your mobile device
  • Detect counterfeiting and diversion in real time
  • Trace your products through the supply chain

The secret is in your barcode

Printers are subject to factors that combine to produce small-scale variations or “noise” in printed barcodes. Which means that at the microscopic level, each unit of your product has a unique, un-reproducible, ink pattern—an e-Fingerprint—which Systech stores in the cloud and uses for later authentication at any point in the supply chain using a mobile device app. It is impossible for anyone to duplicate.

The advantages are clear

 UniSecureAdditive Solutions
Package ChangesNoMost
Major Line ChangesNoYes
Real-time authenticationYesSome

Product authentication is required to fight counterfeiting and diversion

UniSecure authentication seamlessly closes the supply-chain gaps to give you an unparalleled defense against counterfeiting and diversion. Every product becomes connected, giving your partners the ability to verify authenticity and share information with you at any point in the supply chain. Your products, your brand and your customers as well as your bottom line are safeguarded from the risks associated with fake products.


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