Vision Legacy Drives Serialization Excellence

Mar 23, 2024
By Tarek Ismail

Vision and Serialization  

For years there has been this debate in Systech about the importance of Vision vs Serialization, and how our focus should be to help our customers with one vs the other. This tends to fall mostly to serialize and authenticate, which sometimes lets the focus on “Vision” drop or be considered secondary to “Serialization.” In reality though, venturing into the serialization world without having been a Machine Vision company first would not have been possible. In other words, without good Vision technology, our Serialization capability would be, at least, somewhat lacking. 

Serialization is, basically, putting a serial number on something. If that were everything then we wouldn’t need cameras – yes, but these codes need to be inspected and logged with proper electronic records that feed into a track & trace infrastructure. That inspection piece will almost always be using an automated Vision station before it gets checked against the database for further processing. 

In fact, Serialization was previously part of Systech’s PES (Packaging Execution Systems). Our solutions already enabled our clients to perform Vision inspections on their products to verify the quality and accuracy of their packaging, helped integrate with other systems to minimize setup time and simplify user interface, as well as provided them with intelligent information to improve their processes and maximize their efficiency by giving them the necessary tools to comply with regulations that mandate proper reporting and record keeping. Serialization for Systech can be seen as a highly valuable add-on to an already mature solution. 

Systech has always been staying ahead of the curve by developing innovative Vision software, and designing sophisticated hardware solutions that enable us to inspect these serialized codes for the variety of applications that we see fit for the market. 

Here are some of the best examples which will be discussed more in detail in future posts: 

  • Pack-By-Layer: reading possibly hundreds of codes in a large inspection area at the same time 
  • 360: reading 2D codes on un-oriented round bottles/vials 
  • UniSecure: at its heart is a vision application that deciphers the uniqueness of every printed code 

We still support many of our legacy customers with their day-to-day Vision applications to ensure they have the right the components attached to the right parts that have the right color that get placed into the right package with the right data printed on these packages. We welcome our new and recent customers to learn more about this here. We are proud to be identified as the global leader in Serialization and Authentication solutions which also has the most user-friendly vision inspection system with capabilities that rival any competitor in that market. 

We offer a comprehensive, multi-faceted training program—tailored to your particular knowledge level and goals—to ensure every customer is fully trained on our powerful vision, serialization, traceability and authentication solutions. View our current course offerings here. 



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