Systech Academy enhances customer training program

Jun 15, 2023
By Tarek Ismail

Knowing the value of on-demand e-learning and its advantages, Systech implemented its first learning management system (LMS) ten years ago. Our LMS has always hosted product-focused learning modules to help onboard our employees and partners and allows our instructors to log the records of all our instructor-led training sessions. The modules in the LMS allowed our internal in-person and online live training sessions to be more effective by providing that foundational knowledge to the learners based on their roles before they even set foot in a classroom, in-person or online. The more advanced modules were helpful to our knowledgeable employees, helping them learn new skills or refresh what they may have forgotten.

Fast forward five years, and we considered making our LMS available to our customers. We researched providers in the marketplace who have an LMS solution with the features, look and feel, flexibility, and ease of use that would make it a good place for our customers to access the knowledge our employees and partners have had for years. We chose, tested, implemented, and grew what is now known as Systech Academy to be a seamless user experience where someone can log in, search for the task or topic they’d like to learn more about and get the information they need whenever needed. Systech Academy accommodates learners wherever they are in their journey, with content at different levels. Beginners can start with the overviews and introductions like Serialization Concepts, Systech Hardware Overview or Advisor System Operations to learn what the software does at a basic level, understand the foundational activities involved in its operation, and help familiarize themselves with the solution before pressing a button on a production system. For folks who attended our instructor-led training classes or have more experience using the systems, modules like Archive Best Practices, Adding Products in Builder and Obtaining a Quality Image allow them to refresh their knowledge and give them a chance to recall the lessons they learned in class that they haven’t used in a while. Experts can look at materials they may not be familiar with like IPS Trace Log, I/O Communication & Configuration or Advisor Open Device Protocol to expand applications and optimize the investment their sites made with Systech.

From our perspective at Systech, knowledgeable customers are the best customers because they:

  • Know more about what they can do with systems.
  • Can make them work better since they’re more familiar with their own equipment and processes.
  • Can help institutionalize the Systech knowledge at their organizations to make the lives of their peers easier when it comes to using our products.

In addition to those benefits, more knowledgeable users know where the products work best and where they can improve, providing us with the feedback we need to make our solutions better. This cycle of learning and improvement is something we’ve seen over and over with attendees of our highly rated instructor-led training classes. We believe that our new offering, Systech Academy, can be the perfect complement to the instructor-led experience and an important part of the learning and improvement cycle.

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