Expiry Management — Simplified. Customized.

Systech’s UniTrace® system reduces the complexity of expiry management with features that accurately monitor and communicate product expiry dates while aligning the process with specific business needs. 

What is Expiry Management?

Pharmaceutical companies have both an ethical and legal responsibility to ensure the medications they produce and distribute are safe and effective. Unfortunately, these products can lose potency over time and degrade once they’ve reached their expiry date. That’s why effective expiry management is crucial for ensuring drug safety.  

It’s also essential for meeting compliance regulations, as well as maintaining trust with healthcare providers and patients, and optimizing inventory. However, expiry management can be complex, time-consuming and costly.  

Minimize waste. Maximize efficiency

The UniTrace system offers a versatile solution. It simplifies expiry management and can be adapted to the specific needs of businesses, enhancing their ability to ensure product safety, ensure compliance, and optimize overall supply chain efficiency. 

Expiry Alerts and Notifications

Users can configure the UniTrace system to generate alerts and notifications based on specific criteria defined by their company. For example, alerts can be set up to notify specific personnel when products are approaching their expiry dates in 30, 60 or 90 days; when certain thresholds are met; or when certain actions are required 

Easy Integration and Reporting

The UniTrace platform can be integrated with a company’s existing enterprise systems and supply chain management tools. This ensures seamless data flow and coherence across different systems, supporting a unified approach to expiry management.  

Because the UniTrace system integrates data from various sources, it also provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities. This helps identify trends and patterns related to product expiry, allowing for better strategic planning and decision-making to minimize waste and optimize supply chain efficiency. 

Optimize supply chain efficiency and achieve compliance.

Make smarter decisions and avoid product quarantine with UniTrace. Speak with an expert now!

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