UniTrace Mobile

Leverage the functionality of Systech’s UniTrace traceability platform — when you need it, where you need it for operational efficiency and more productive supply chain management. 

Integrated traceability for operational efficiency

In many industries, end-to-end product traceability is critical for maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. It’s also essential for ensuring safety, maintaining quality control, and minimizing overall costs. However, traditional track and trace solutions often lack the flexibility to be used where and when they’re needed, negatively affecting efficiencies and productivity. UniTrace Mobile changes that. 

UniTrace Mobile makes all the intelligence and track and trace capabilities of Systech’s industry-leading, cloud-based  UniTrace software accessible via a handheld mobile device. Users can quickly and easily perform multiple tasks from a handheld device, such as, data verification, exceptions handling, and rework — including decommissioning, repacking, aggregation and quarantine, No additional software is required.  

Multi-Scan Technology

UniTrace Mobile’s multi-scan technology enables operational efficiency. Users to swiftly scan multiple identifiers at once rather than individually. No information must be manually input, saving time and reducing potential user errors.  

The data points are cross-referenced against a cloud-based database to verify products, generate real-time information, and facilitate efficient repacking or other actions as appropriate.  

Efficient Rework for Exceptions Management

UniTrace Mobile facilitates fast rework for greater efficiency, including rapid and accurate repacking of cases and pallets. Based on real-time information delivered to their handheld devices, users can immediately execute rework functions, such as removing an item from an aggregated parent, removing multiple items from a single parent, decommissioning, and unpacking automatically, and printing workflows. 

Supply Chain Rework and Logistics

UniTrace supply chain rework logistics provides our customers the ability to perform any rework operation without the complications.   Our integrated DC Console interface can be accessed by any operator in any DC/Warehouse around the globe via a browser on desktop or mobile device, allowing them to perform any necessary rework activities with ease:  commissioning, decommissioning, unpacking, packing, printing, and more, all these actions are also exposed via APIs and could be performed through third-party system integration.    

Get powerful supply chain management at your fingertips, when and where you need it

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