UniTrace Collaboration Hub Centralized Router

The UniTrace Collaboration Hub is an on-demand solution that facilitates a streamlined connection of trading partner organizations and their supply chain counterparts through a secure network. Integrations are standardized for efficient set-up of trading partner connections 

Integrated traceability for operational efficiency

This network enables connected partners to exchange serialization and related messages securely and reliably.  

The UniTrace Collaboration Hub offers support for various integration capabilities, including content-based routing and mapping, as well as multiple connectivity options, thereby establishing standardized integration among partners. Additionally, a dedicated team provides onboarding services to customers and their invited supply chain partners. 

UniTrace Collaboration Hub enables rapid implementation and integration of trading partner connections. 

3rd Party System Integration

Integrate your EMS, WMS, and ERP systems with UniTrace and make them serialization ready through our set of APIs and interfaces.  With the UniTrace Transformation Engine, it is possible to configure the new interfaces to exchange data in the proper format avoiding delays and costly custom development.  Your third-party system is not EPCIS compliant? Create data payloads in PML, CSV, XML, JSON, and TXT with no hassle. 

Simplify connections with your trading partners.

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