For pharmacies, DSCSA compliance starts with Authorized Trading Partners 

Aug 3, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, maintaining regulatory compliance is paramount for pharmacies. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) aims to enhance patient safety by establishing a secure supply chain for prescription drugs. Key to this effort is ensuring business is only conducted with authorized trading partners (ATP). This plays a crucial part in complying with DSCSA requirements. 

“Authorized Trading Partners” may sound complicated, but it’s quite simple. They are the supply chain partners pharmacies and dispensers are likely already doing business with. The DSCSA is adding an additional layer of security by asking trade partners to obtain ATP credentials during transactions on top of their existing licensure. 

By partnering and integrating with authorized trading partners, pharmacies can reap several benefits.  

  1. They gain access to a reliable and secure supply chain, reducing the risk of counterfeit or adulterated drugs entering their inventory.  
  2. Authorized trading partners provide accurate product information, such as transaction information, enabling pharmacies to verify the legitimacy of medications upon receipt.  
  3. Collaborating with authorized trading partners ensures seamless compliance with DSCSA requirements, avoiding penalties and maintaining patient safety. 

Systech’s UniTrace® DSCSA for Dispensers solution automatically verifies the ATP status of the inbound transaction information from your suppliers/wholesalers, ensuring safety and compliance. 


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