Connections and credentials – DSCSA stabilization period webinar recap

Nov 14, 2023
By Brittany Santiago

In a digital world with corresponding digital threats, we need secure methods to defend our patients and products. This much was made clear in the recent Systech-hosted webinar DSCSA 2023 stabilization period: Connections and credentials—all key to getting this right. 

Panelists from Spherity and Systech discussed the need for a stabilization period and noted that the industry has been challenged by having an interoperable system with everyone involved. As is mostly the case, you have some participants who are early adopters and some who are lagging. All trading partners are expected to move forward, full speed ahead. The FDA does expect updates to ensure this is not a one-year vacation.

The primary focus of this discussion was the impact of credentialing. Credentialing and Authorized Trading Partners are all about digital trust—providing a secure method of confirmation that you are doing business with whom you think you are doing business. While licensing protocols exist, the Global Location Number (GLN) information is public and can be obtained by “bad actors.” 

The solution offered by Systech, which leverages the CARO platform from Spherity, removes this threat and provides a higher level of product protection without putting extra work on the customer.

“Having a credential in there is an instantaneous way to take all that legwork out of the equation. It's in the message. It's secure, it tells you who this is and it confirms the authenticity of who it is.”

– Joe Lipari, Director, Product Management, Systech

It’s that simple, and it’s critical because, without all the pieces in place and without exception management, we’re looking at products in quarantine that should be in the hands of the patients.  

To put it plainly, credentialing streamlines the entire process of performing investigations when we encounter an exception or suspect product in the supply chain. It provides an audit trail of the location, trading partner and the communication on a specific request that can be easily retrieved.  

The four pillars of DSCSA compliance

The beauty of the stabilization period is that it gives the industry time to successfully exchange the EPCIS data and gain full adoption of all four pillars of the regulation. Our efforts only truly secure the supply chain if we all keep moving! 

Get more insights into the discussion by watching the on-demand recording here. 


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