For pharmacies, DSCSA compliance is about data connections

Jul 21, 2023
By Systech

Even if we do get a Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) enforcement delay from the FDA, pharmacies are still on the hook for compliance. And compliance means connections.

Systech already has the connections you need!

We have been involved with delivering serialization solutions for all facets of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry—from 16 of the top 20 global manufacturers to emerging virtual pharmas who use CDMOs and CMOs. Regardless of size, all these companies must comply with DSCSA. And that means they ALL must connect and send data now to the drug wholesalers in the US. Systech makes those connections and sends the required data for our customers.

These same drug wholesalers now need to digitally connect with pharmacies to send you the required data. If Systech can connect to wholesalers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), contract manufacturers organizations (CMOs) and others, we can also connect you to your suppliers! Our traceability platform for pharmacies is perfectly suited to receive the digital transaction information from wholesalers and allow you to verify in the pharmacy that the drugs you received in the tote match the digital record of that tote.

Systech’s UniTrace® DSCSA for Dispensers can easily facilitate and integrate all the connections you need to make this transition to digital verification simple.


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