Systech joins NABP’s Interoperable Partner Program, enhancing drug supply chain security


August 29, 2023 (Princeton, N.J.) – Systech, part of Markem-Imaje and Dover, and a leading provider of digital identification and traceability software solutions, has officially partnered with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) through its Pulse Interoperable Partner Program, a program to connect solution providers to Pulse by NABP™. This collaboration marks a significant step in accelerating interoperability by simplifying Drug Supply Chain Safety Act (DSCSA) compliance through a secure, efficient and trusted communications platform.

Systech has offered verification routing services (VRS) since 2019 through the blockchain-based MediLedger Product Verification Solution, established by leading companies in life sciences and healthcare, and recently acquired by NABP.

Systech’s early start with VRS enables the company to offer authorized trading partners a deeper level of integration with Pulse. Previously, Systech announced the availability of Systech UniTrace DSCSA for pharmacies and dispensers. With Systech UniTrace DSCSA, dispensers are equipped through one unified platform to fully access, examine, verify and distribute necessary compliance data as requested by regulatory entities or business associates.

“Our partnership with NABP and interoperability with Pulse reinforces our commitment to simplify the road to DSCSA compliance for pharmacies and dispensers,” said Girish Juneja, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Dover. “By integrating with Pulse, we not only align with a stalwart supporter of state regulators but also bring our years of experience in providing streamlined workflows, automated responses and reduced operational time for product verifications via UniTrace. This collaboration is a testament to Systech’s focus on serving the need of pharmacies to comply with DSCSA in a simple, cost-effective manner and to protect patients from counterfeit and substandard prescription medications.”

To meet the November 2023 deadline, pharmacies need a cost-effective global trade item number (GTIN) directory for saleable returns verification by solution providers and trading partners. While the FDA just announced a 1-year delay in the enforcement of the requirements, the delay reiterates the value of this type of partnership to get the connections established and the data flowing appropriately.

Recognizing the importance of Verification Router Service (VRS) in maintaining supply chain safety, NABP’s stewardship of this service, along with long-term UniTrace integration, positions UniTrace as the preferred choice for pharmacies and dispensers. In contrast to a fragmented landscape of vendors, each requiring validation from every authorized trading partner, UniTrace offers a less complex and more reliable solution, ensuring continuity and avoiding disruptions beyond the deadline.

Through the interoperability of Pulse within UniTrace, Systech customers will enjoy expedited trading partner onboarding and enhanced collaboration throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Systech’s customer network has registered thousands of products and allowed Systech customers to service over two billion product verifications in autopilot with sub-second responses, making UniTrace for pharmacies and dispensers the less complex and more reliable choice to minimize disruptions in a fragmented vendor landscape past the DSCSA deadline this November.

“NABP is thrilled to welcome Systech, a pioneer of serialization with decades of experience in pharmaceutical packaging execution to the Pulse Interoperable Partner Program,” said NABP Executive Director/Secretary Lemrey “Al” Carter, PharmD, MS, RPh. “Systech’s early adoption of VRS, and desire to become a Pulse Interoperability Partner demonstrates its commitment to innovate on behalf of its clients and is aligned with our goal of further securing the drug supply chain to protect public health.”

Systech’s partnership with Pulse underscores its leadership in the field and dedication to creating a more efficient and interconnected drug supply chain. This collaboration not only enhances supply chain security but also positions Systech as a key player in driving industry standards, simplifying compliance and fostering innovation to protect patients and streamline operations.

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