End product diversion with comprehensive supply chain insight.

Companies lose billions of dollars annually to product diversion. Fight back with an easy way to quickly detect and stop diversion sources.

Pinpoint and root out illicit sellers.

Before you can stop illicit sellers, you have to find them first. Unfortunately, most diversion detection today is cumbersome and slow, involving everything from field inspectors and third-party web policing to channel-specific packaging and intelligence gathering from multiple sources.

There’s been no simple remedy for diversion, until now.

Stop diversion sources quickly.

Systech empowers you to immediately detect diversion or counterfeits providing real-time access to item-specific details such as purchase order, intended destination, recipient and more.

With end-to-end supply chain insight, you can quickly identify offending diversion sources and stop them with documented proof.

Game-changing diversion detection = unprecedented brand protection.

Our solution enables anyone to authenticate individual products in the field using smartphone technology. Now, field inspectors can check products right from the shelves of retailers and see immediately where, when and to whom you originally shipped those units. It even works with online retailers when you do test buys.