Anti-counterfeiting for supply chains.

Counterfeiters are relentless, and brands keep adding layers of protection to stay one step ahead. Achieve ultimate supply chain safety with a revolutionary, non-additive solution that’s 100% foolproof.

Product safety is a constant battle.

The global value of counterfeiting and piracy is projected to reach nearly $3 trillion by 2022. The economic impact is alarming, and it’s not the only threat. When fake products enter the market, consumer safety is jeopardized, and people lose confidence in the brands they trust.

Brands have proactively increased spending on anti-counterfeit packaging to solve this growing problem. But criminals are clever and determined. Advances in technology make it easier than ever for them to duplicate or destroy traditional anti-counterfeiting technologies such as RFID, holograms, taggants and special printed markings.

What if you could change everything… without changing anything? Our anti-counterfeiting solution is non-additive, covert and impossible to duplicate.

Winning is easier than you think.

Systech’s solution leverages what you already have—the QR or barcode on your current packaging—to defend your brand against counterfeiting. Our innovative technology turns your printed mark into a unique digital e-Fingerprint® that’s impossible to duplicate. Using a simple smartphone app, field inspectors and partners now can instantly authenticate products anywhere in the supply chain.

Systech offers ultimate counterfeit protection that is:

  • Non-Additive – Turn your existing barcode into a unique digital identifier
  • Real-Time – Authenticate products at the individual item level, instantly
  • Connected – Receive information from supply chain partners and field inspectors
  • Blockchain-Enabled – Connect physical product to the digital supply chain for bank-safe security