Implementing a pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting technology protects consumers and addresses gaps in the supply chain

How Secure is your Serialized Supply Chain? Many actions have been taken to secure global pharmaceutical supply chains from counterfeit product. Despite these efforts, shortcomings remain in existing Serialization and Track & Trace systems, putting patients at risk. The rising incidence of pharmaceutical counterfeiting and consequent threat to patient safety has resulted in the introduction of varying legislation across the world, requiring serialization of products and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Serialization and Track & Trace legislations are designed to prevent counterfeits from entering the legitimate supply chain. To be effective, this requires both a method to mark products with a unique identifier and an infrastructure to check product authenticity at pre-determined points along the supply chain. While the implementation of comprehensive Serialization and traceability systems are meant to secure the supply chain and protect the safety of the consumer, issues such as diversion and serial number replication continue to leave patients open to harm.

Limitations to barcode-only technologies ultimately hinder security.

A serial number is designed to uniquely identify each item and is typically represented on a product using a 1D or 2D matrix; however, these barcodes can be easily replicated. Using commonly available technology, counterfeiters can simply reproduce an authentic barcode and label on any number of counterfeit products. Counterfeit products can then be introduced, at any point, into the supply chain either as supplemental product or by swapping out genuine product for resale at a later date. Generic scanning equipment can obtain barcodes, but have no way to determine if this is the genuine item or a counterfeit.

A secure pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting solution should allow for authentication at any point in the supply chain. In order to ensure consumer safety and brand protection, your solution must be:

  • Non-Intrusive: Does not require packaging or manufacturing changes
  • Non-repeatable: Unable to be duplicated or counterfeited
  • Covert: Unique features are hidden
  • Scalable: Authentication can take place at any point in the supply chain
  • Responsive: Results must be obtained at any time, without delay
  • Adaptable: Must leverage technology that is easy to access and utilize

Systech UniSecure is the only solution that offers all of these capabilities, while enabling brand protection anytime, anywhere in your supply chain.