Our brand protection solutions address the rapid escalation in global counterfeiting that threatens your brand, revenue, and customer confidence

Counterfeiting is growing. Internationalization, outsourcing, e-tailing, and the expansion of trade zones have created complexities throughout the supply chain and product life cycle. Minimizing financial and reputation damage associated with counterfeiting of genuine branded products is a major business disrupter and top concern of consumer goods companies. When unauthentic products enter the market, consumers lose confidence in the stores and brands they trust. In addition to counterfeiting, consumer “gray market” diversion is an increasing challenge for brand owners. While your channel partners have a responsibility to adhere to the terms and conditions of your partner programs, the burden of enforcing them ultimately falls on you.

Even with complex anti-counterfeiting technologies in place, counterfeiters are increasingly finding ways to defeat or bypass manufacturer security measures.

Systech UniSecure™ is the only proven, non-additive product authentication solution that cannot be re-engineered — no matter how clever the counterfeiter. UniSecure leverages your existing barcodes and packaging to create a unique signature that cannot be duplicated. The ability to uniquely identify and authenticate individual products is the only path for you to mitigate these risks and drive value through brand, product, and patient protection.

The key lies in implementing brand protection solutions that allow for authentication at any point in the supply chain. In order to ensure consumer safety and brand protection, your solution must be:

  • Non-Intrusive: Does not require packaging or manufacturing changes
  • Non-repeatable: Unable to be duplicated or counterfeited
  • Covert: Unique features are hidden
  • Scalable: Authentication can take place at any point in the supply chain
  • Responsive: Results must be obtained at any time, without delay
  • Adaptable: Must leverage technology that is easy to access and utilize

Systech UniSecure is the only solution that offers all of these capabilities, while enabling brand protection anytime, anywhere in your supply chain.