Serialization simplified – UniSeries®

UniSeries® is the industry-leading packaging execution and serialization software suite. It is a flexible, fast, proven platform to meet your performance goals and address regulations.

End-to-end serialization solution

Systech delivers full stack (L1 – L5) capabilities that can be deployed rapidly on any line, site or enterprise in any region to meet serialization requirements. 

Configurable—not customized—to your unique needs, UniSeries is cost-effective, equipment agnostic and comprehensive. Based on a patented software platform, it offers manufacturers the flexibility to adapt to new workflows and regulations without extensive rework.

Check out this guide to learn more about our approach to configurable software, and how we help you comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Regulatory compliance pioneers

Systech developed the industry’s first regulatory-focused serialization solution and built UniSeries on decades of packaging execution systems experience. The platform provides a single, enterprise-wide view of your serialization and distribution data for greater visibility and informed decision-making, while also meeting the immediate need to be compliant.

The advantages are clear

 Systech SerializationOur Competitors
Full five-level stackSingle VendorMultiple Vendors
Package equipment agnosticYesNo
Line neutrality (capacity to retrofit)YesNo
Transparency in pricingFull project scope pricingPartial project scope pricing
  • Comprehensive: A one-stop solution that offers complete integration and local installation based on pre-defined workflows and pre-designed packaging stations
  • Fast: Meets aggressive rollout schedules and limited resources to deliver minimal downtime and fast deployment for regional and/or global compliance
  • Proven: Promotes rapid and consistent deployments by productizing solution standards across common packaging use cases, reducing implementation, training and support costs

If you’re facing compliance issues, it’s time to partner with a market leader that offers faster setup, greater control over the serialization process, outstanding support and the ability to drive down total cost of ownership through improved efficiency. For everyone in the supply chain ecosystem—manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors, 3PLs, dispensaries and regulatory bodies. It’s time for Systech solutions.

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