Case Study | A seamless solution to combat counterfeiting

“Anything we can do to protect the drug pack without changing the look of it is high on my priority list because additions and changes can require regulatory approval.”

– LUX Global Label


LUX Global Label is a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and security solutions whose customers include many of the world’s most trusted brands.

Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

105 years of packaging printing experience

150,000-sq-ft printing facility has every type of printing technology under one roof

Tens of billions of units produced/shipped per year


Digital identification at rewinder speeds

In 2020, a core customer from a leading consumer health and pharmaceutical company approached them with a request to try a new product authentication solution to produce their labels. “The customer was using the UniSecure solution on their own packaging line and felt it would be more efficient to move the process upstream so the labels we supply include the unique product signature,” explains Andy Johanson, vice president of sales and business development at LUX Global Label.

“Although we provide several other types of brand protection, these rely on conventional systems such as microprinting or fluorescent security inks, which add physical steps to printing. The beauty of the Systech solution is that everything is digital—it just scans and captures what we’re already printing, with no impact on our operational output.”

The installation of the HS-Web hardware was done in one day on LUX Global Label’s rewinder. The system’s eight-camera setup allows for capture of up to 16 lanes across and 25,000 signatures per minute. It works in line with the existing manufacturing process—capturing at standard rewinder speeds.

"Being able to offer Systech brand protection makes our security solution portfolio a lot stronger"


Non-additive product authentication

The global counterfeit drug market is worth an estimated $200 billion annually and there’s more at risk than revenue loss. Fake products damage brand reputation and jeopardize consumer safety. The ability to verify product authenticity is critical. The Systech technology transforms an existing barcode into a unique digital identifier. High-powered cameras leverage the naturally occurring microvariations caused by the printing process to create a distinctive ‘e-Fingerprint’ for every individual product. This data is then sent to the secure cloud, where it can be used to instantly authenticate or track products across the supply chain with a simple smartphone app.


Competitive advantages

“This technology is really innovative,” affirms Johanson. “We have pitched it to other customers and the reaction is pretty universal: they like how easy it is to use and the fact that, beyond traceability, there’s the potential to add consumer engagement, which is increasingly desirable in marketing.” As it is 100% digital, relationships can be built with end consumers by allowing them to verify product authenticity. From here, the brand can serve up information such as when and where the product was made, what it is made from, its sustainability rating, promotional offers, etc. “There are lots of opportunities to further develop this offer to new customers,” concludes Johanson. “Our capability with this e-Fingerprinting technology differentiates us as a supplier.”

Systech technology allows brands to assign a unique digital identity to every item that is impossible to counterfeit—without changing their artwork or printing process. Through an e-Fingerprint®, every product becomes connected, giving partners and consumers the ability to verify authenticity, track products and engage at any point in the supply chain.

How can Systech help you protect your brand?​

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