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Our authors and speakers comprise years of knowledge in areas that range from traceability to serialization, brand protection and vision.  They are selected based on their expertise in the industry, so that we can provide you with the most relevant information for the challenges you face.

Here are some of the topics that are covered by our authors and speakers:

  • Serialization from a global and local perspective, regulations, country-specific issues and deadlines
  • Track and Trace, supply chain integrity and cloud-based data
  • Anti-Counterfeiting, product piracy, diversion and border protection
  • More!

We share our knowledge with you to help protect your brand and your profits. We welcome comments and feedback on our posts.

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David Cassett

Dave Cassett

Project Engineering Lead

Dave is a Project Engineering Lead for Systech International, working to realize high-quality implementations of Systech serialization solutions for our global customers. He is well-studied in the standards and technologies used in serialization implementations, including data formatting and exchange standards, data carriers, software systems, and automation technologies. His projects have been installed in North America, Europe, and Asia, to produce goods for markets such as the US, China, Latin American countries, and Europe, in industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, semiconductors, and food/beverage.

Dave began working with serialization in 2003, with the thesis project for his Master’s degree in supply-chain management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received his Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Utah.

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Avi CHaudhuri PhD

Avi Chaudhuri, PhD

Senior Global Partner

Dr. Chaudhuri has over ten years of experience in the field of serialization, traceability, and consumer protection from counterfeit drugs. His work in this field began in 2004 when he became a victim of a counterfeit drug while traveling in India. He began to research all available technologies that could not only defeat this problem, but also empower consumers to verify the drug at the point of sale. His research and publication in CII’s highly acclaimed manual played a pivotal role in the implementation of a serialization program to protect drugs exported from India.

Dr. Chaudhuri is a strong public advocate for the need to protect consumers through effective technologies. He introduced the very concept of serialization to the Indian pharmaceutical industry ten years ago and helped to create a national SMS program that allows consumers to verify their drug purchase. He went on to establish significant expertise in the design and implementation of serialization and traceability programs in the pharmaceutical, food, and FMCG industries.

Dr. Chaudhuri is now responsible for spearheading Systech’s expansion in Asia, with focus on the UniSecure™ platform. He has recently written a highly acclaimed white paper titled Serialization Reality Check: Where are all the numbers?

Dr. Chaudhuri received his master’s degree from the University of Toronto and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Tarek Ismail

Tarek Ismail

Expert Instructional Trainer

Tarek is an Expert Instructional Trainer for Systech International. He began his career in building automation systems.  He then joined Systech International in 2005 as a Vision Evaluation Engineer designing Systech’s Vision Solutions. He then moved to into an Application Engineer role where he served as a technical resource in the field.  Following that, he moved into product as a Product Engineer and worked to develop baselines for systems configuration including developing efficiencies for standards prior to PIMS. Now, he works as an Expert Instructional Trainer creating instructional videos, technical tips and other training materials for Systech.  Tarek has strong feelings toward training, where he advocates for thorough, deep knowledge on the solutions Systech provides.

A Computer and Automation Engineer by education, Tarek has utilized his background to create high-quality training that provides the right balance of technical and customer service.

When Tarek is not creating training materials, you can find him listening to music, traveling, writing and composing songs and playing a good game of football (soccer).

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Joe Lipari

Joe Lipari

Director of Cloud Products and Product Manager -UniTrace

Joe Lipari is the Director of Cloud Products for Systech International and Product Manager for the UniTrace cloud based traceability and serialization solution.  Joe is skilled at communicating complex technical topics to c-level as well as technical listeners.

Joe’s formal, education background is Computer Science / Information Systems. Joe has worked at Systech International for a career spanning almost 15 years.  In 2003, he began his tenure as a field engineer installing vision and serialization systems on packaging lines for all major pharma companies.  Joe has served in roles spanning engineering and management of global teams in the serialization and supply chain areas.  Most currently, in the Director role, is responsible for the go to market strategy and product roadmap for the UniTrace product.

Joe has spoken at many industry events including IQPC, Systech Uniquity, Interphex, and Pack Expo.

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Stephen Lisa

Stephen Lisa

Director, Product Management

Stephen is currently a Director of Product Management.  In his daily role, he is charged with assessing and understanding global serialization and packaging needs to meet regulatory requirements, translating these requirements into a broader strategy of client solutions that can be deployed — meeting today’s requirements as well as future compliance. His expertise is leveraged to define turnkey deployment solutions with Systech’s key partners to bring fully integrated serialization and packaging solutions to the market.  He is responsible for developing and implementing best practices, standard operating procedures, and processes for driving productivity and effective development and execution of Systech products.

His 20 years of experience at Systech include product management, software development, customer deployment and customer support.  He has performed extensive product definition and development activities and worked with customers on serialization packaging deployments and the original serialization pilots.  Other roles performed during his years include: conducting analysis design and architecture meetings with customers, defining requirements for packaging, serialization and enterprise applications, specifications for hardware platforms, management of the engineering team, and collaboration on Systech’s product roadmap.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute of Technology.  His expertise includes developing software for packing line automation, robotics, semiconductor test equipment, and vision inspection.

Andy McLaughlin

Andy McLaughlin

Director, Global Services

Andy is currently a Director of Global Services.  He joined Systech in 2013 as an Executive Project Manager based in the UK.  He is responsible for the Program Management of several key accounts and leads a large team of Project Managers, Project Engineers and a matrix team of Field Engineers.  Prior to joining Systech, Andy worked delivering software solutions to the pharmaceutical, clinical trial and medical device sectors for over 10 years with a focus on FDA and GMP compliant sectors.

He holds a B. Eng. in Manufacturing Engineering from Cardiff University, and has worked on projects for seven of the world’s ten largest medical device companies and four of five largest pharmaceutical companies.

When Andy isn’t keeping his customers happy (a goal of his), you can find him outdoors!  He doesn’t care if it’s on a boat, a bike or in boots.

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Dirk Rodgers

Dirk Rodgers

Regulatory Strategist

Dirk Rodgers is a Regulatory Strategist where he writes regularly in an exploration of the intersection between the pharmaceutical supply chain, track and trace technology, standards and regulatory compliance.  He has posted over 400 essays on these specific topics and is the author of the book “The Drug Supply Chain Security Explained” (Amazon).  A logical thinker, Dirk is skilled at making complex technical topics understandable to non-technical readers and listeners.

An Electrical and Computer Engineer by education, Dirk has worked as a consultant, software architect and automation engineer during a career spanning 30 years.  In 2002 he became employed by Cardinal Health, one of the big 3 U.S. drug distributors, where he studied many approaches to applying serialization and track & trace technology to solve supply chain integrity problems and also improve supply chain efficiencies.  In 2003 he represented Cardinal Health on Accenture’s seminal Jumpstart project, an early pharmaceutical supply chain RFID pilot.

Dirk has served on HDA, NCPDP, EPCglobal, GS1 and GS1 US technical and standards work groups.  He served as co-chair of the GS1 EPCglobal Drug Pedigree Messaging (DPMS) work group and the GS1 Network Centric ePedigree (NCeP) work group, among others.

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Jim Sinisgalli

Jim Sinisgalli

Director of Product Management – Brand Protection

Jim Sinisgalli is Director of Product Management – Brand Protection. He presently leads and guides Systech’s  anti-counterfeit and authentication business to develop strategies which protect brands from counterfeiting, diversion and other illicit trade. He is responsible for developing and executing Systech’s authentication strategy, working with leaders across products and services, and sales. Jim has over an over 20-year career as a visionary leader with half of his career spent protecting his customers’ most precious assets from data to physical product.

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Steve Tallant

Steve Tallant

Director, Product Management and Marketing

Steve Tallant is the Director of Product Management and Marketing. He is a software product management and marketing expert, with more than 25 years of experience exclusively in the software industry. He has worked in a myriad of vertical industry domains and software solutions including J2EE middleware, information lifecycle management and finance solutions.  Steve joined Systech after over ten years in IBM’s Software Group.

While at IBM, Steve was recognized twice with a President’s Volunteer Service Award for his dedicated service to several charitable organizations.  He was selected to President’s Club at Princeton Softech (later acquired by IBM) for his contributions to the organization.  While at HP, he was selected to speak at HP Software Universe, an invitation-only colleague-to-colleague excellence summit.

Steve holds both undergraduate and master’s degrees from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. He is also a frequent guest lecturer and panelist for the Information Technology department of the Villanova School of Business.

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