ONLY ONE company is the innovator of serialization.

ONLY ONE company unifies and protects the supply chain.

ONLY ONE company is defining the future of authentication.

Systech, a global leader in product verification and brand protection, is re-defining the future of authentication.  Our groundbreaking advances set the stage for supply chain technology solutions adopted by the largest pharmaceutical companies around the globe.

As a long-standing innovator in serialization, Systech is trusted by top pharmaceutical companies worldwide to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, ensure supply chain integrity, and drive efficiency. Beyond compliance, the company is leading the charge to protect global brands—for consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, health & beauty, pharmaceutical, and contract manufacturing companies.


  • Systech provided the world’s first global serialization deployment.


  • Systech’s serialization solutions have been deployed on almost 1,600 packaging lines—that’s 65% more lines than its next largest competitor.
  • Systech has more than 4,000 software implementations.
  • Systech leads the supply chain technology industry with 60 PIMs, supporting over 250 serialization workflows and global numbering standards.


  • Systech’s serialization solutions currently support more than 350 customer sites across the globe.
  • More than 35 countries are supported by our technology solutions, across 12 time zones, with the ability to support five languages in-house and more than 200 languages through a third-party service.


  • Systech has provided onsite, remote and virtual technology solutions training to more than 1,200 customers.


Systech is a proud member of:

  • GS1
  • CSA (Cloud Security Alliance)
  • IEEE
  • PMMI
  • ISPE
  • OpenSCS

Overall, Systech’s best practices and award-winning technologies are guiding Product and Brand Protection Officers in their quest to improve patient/consumer safety, increase engagement, decrease counterfeiting, avoid diversion, and reduce harm to coveted brands.