Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Solutions

Protect your brand and secure your supply chain with unique identification authentication technology

Internationalization, outsourcing, e-tailing and the expansion of international trade zones have created and encountered counterfeiting and complexities throughout the supply chain like never before. The ability to uniquely mark, track and identify products is the only avenue for brands to prevent these risks and drive value through revenue protection. The ability to create a unique identification mark to authenticate products is the only avenue for brands to mitigate these risks and drive value through product protection.

Counterfeiters are becoming increasingly sophisticated allowing them to easily defeat current anti-counterfeiting technologies. Systech UniSecure is a proven, non-additive authentication solution. It derives a unique signature, therefore it cannot be reengineered.

UniSecure - Brand Protection
UniSecure provides authentication to each stakeholder throughout the full product life cycle.

What is UniSecure?

UniSecure is a universal, world-class brand and product protection solution that derives a unique identification signature from an existing print mark or data carrier, such as a barcode. The signature is then stored in the cloud for future authentication using a mobile app.

How UniSecure Works

Printing is dynamic whereby environmental and other input factors combine to produce small-scale variations or “noise” in printed marks. These microscopic variations are random, unique and at a scale beyond the controllable resolution of printers – meaning they cannot be intentionally recreated.

UniSecure takes advantage of these microscopic variations by detecting specific measurable patterns and harnesses them to generate an inherent, covert security feature from existing print marks.


Different from all other anti-counterfeit solutions



Leveraging the existing packaging processes, UniSecure’s capture process acquires the image of the print mark or data carrier. Once acquired, a unique Systech identifier known as an e-Fringerprint™ is derived.


The e-Fringerprint is stored in UniSecure’s secure, cloud-based platform.


Using the UniSecure mobile app, the data mark is captured and cross referenced against the original e-Fringerprint. The authentication results are returned and the item is immediately verified as authentic or suspect.

With the UniSecure mobile software development kit (SDK), you can build your own or integrate authentication into your existing mobile app.

Effective and Economical

UniSecure delivers immediate and robust authentication at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. The additive nature of most product authentication solutions require the re-engineering of processes and the introduction of expensive proprietary materials. UniSecure leverages existing packaging infrastructures and therefore does not require modifications to current production lines or business process re-engineering.

Simple and Scalable

Unlike other methods of covert product authentication, UniSecure verifies without the need for proprietary readers. By authenticating through an app available for your existing mobile device, UniSecure facilitates scalable verification anytime, anywhere. Brands have flexible control over who has access to authentication. This access can be extended to specific external parties within the supply chain – government officials, customs agents, resellers and even end consumers.


  •  Product authentication & brand protection technology


  • Universal, Derivative, Non-Additive
  • Leverages all Existing Marks
  • No Packaging Modifications Required
  • Instant Authentication Results
  • No Known Means to Circumvent
  • Fast and Easy to Implement
  • Controlled and Extended Reach
  • No Special Training Needed
  • Consumer Insights
  • Brand Protection
  • Consumer Safety and Engagement
  • Supply Chain Security


  • Authenticate Existing Barcodes
  • Mobile App for Authentication
  • Embeddable Authentication via SDK

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