You need item-level serialization solutions to protect at-risk products and comply with global legislation

While serialization is a good first step to help brand owners recognize their own products in the supply chain, the possibility for errors still exists—especially with serialization solutions that are not fully integrated across multiple global sites.

Systech takes a standards-based, holistic approach to serialization that encompasses all global internal operations and external service providers. Our serialization solutions provide a single, enterprise-wide view from the corporate level all the way down to the line level. This eliminates the many information silos that exist today and connects line with plant data across a single or multiple global sites. The result: better visibility and data that inform better business decisions, while meeting the immediate need to be compliant.

The Systech approach is strategically important to packaging operations because it provides an information infrastructure essential to the lifecycle of the packaging process. Once established, information systems become increasingly integrated to insure data integrity, seamlessly manage change, and avoid multiple systems managing the same data.

If you had to respond to a suspect event today, how long would it take you to find the data you need?

Do you know where it is? Do you trust your data source? What safeguards are currently in place to protect your data integrity? At Systech, we believe that ensuring data integrity is your most valuable asset to brand protection in addition to reducing the risks and costs associated with compliance, an audit or, even worse, a product recall.

Our solutions are designed to improve the integrity of your data while providing standardization and visibility across your entire enterprise. We enable faster setup, greater process control and real-time, meaningful understanding of packaging line performance that will ultimately drive improved efficiency and reduce cost.

Built upon proven, industry-leading technologies, Systech serialization solutions are superior to others you may have seen in the market. They are:

  • Configurable vs. Customizable – saving you time and money to implement
  • Agnostic – to work with existing hardware vendors on your line
  • Flexible – making it easy to add regulations to your line when the need arises
  • Actionable – with Business Intelligence to provide the right information to make right decisions

Our solutions include:

  • UniSight: A multi-national serialization solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • UniScope: A single region serialization solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • UniSolve: Pre-Integrated serialization and packaging line solutions