DSCSA compliance: What it means for pharmacies and dispensers

As the global leader in pharma serialization and product tracing, Systech offers the solutions and expertise needed to guide you through the DSCSA compliance process. We’ll get your pharmacy or clinic where it needs to be—on time and on budget.

What pharmacies need to do

Pharmacies and dispensers are essentially required to do four key things:

  1. Integrate their information systems with Authorized Trading Partners to enable sharing of product data
  2. Capture, store and manage product tracing data from suppliers
  3. Validate that the drugs they receive match the electronic product information from suppliers
  4. Share this information with suppliers and regulators upon request

How this impacts your business

These requirements impact the day-to-day operations of almost every department in your organization, from compliance and risk management to sourcing and supply chain to pharmacy operations. DSCSA will increase workloads, stress existing resources and require new technology solutions. Meeting DSCSA requirements can also be prohibitively expensive—especially for smaller pharmacies that may not have the resources to invest in new technology or specialized personnel.

Systech is here to help

Systech was a pioneer in developing productized serialization and traceability solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer pharmacies and dispensers a fast and efficient path to DSCSA compliance that will also improve day-to-operations.

Our centralized, cloud-based solution enables the consolidation, sharing, management and reporting of product data from multiple sources. Pharmacies get complete transfer visibility and secure data exchange to ensure DSCSA compliance. This includes trading partner connectivity, product tracking, recalls and returns, suspect product investigations, warranty management, materials provenance and more—while also delivering new insights and creating digital trust.

UniTrace® for Pharmacies and Dispensers

Simplify your compliance workflows and streamline your pharmacy operations.

UniTrace for Pharmacy – BASIC

Makes DSCSA compliance easy and hassle-free for pharmacies. Our platform integrates with your suppliers and gets the digital records of your shipments. Verify physical product against the digital records. We keep all the data safe for six years as the regulation mandates.

  • EPCIS Inbound Processing
  • Inbound Shipment Notifications
  • EPCIS Exception Management
  • Inbound Receiving
  • Manual Product Verification
  • Tracing Export
  • ATP Directory
  • No max number of connections (in the network)

UniTrace for Pharmacy – ADVANCED

Go beyond compliance and streamline your pharmacy operations. Use a mobile device to scan, verify and track your products with ease. Use VRS for product verifications and suspect, illegitimate product investigations.  Access your data through dashboards. Manage store transfers, reverse logistics, expiration dates and recalls efficiently and confidently.

  • All BASIC Features
  • Inbound Receiving Verification
  • Verification VRS
  • Mobile application
  • Product Expiration Management
  • Asynchronous Tracing Request/Response
  • Store Transfer
  • Recall Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Verification Dashboard
  • TI/TS Dashboard
  • Tracing Dashboard
  • Email Alerts

UniTrace for Pharmacy – ENTERPRISE

Enterprise is ideal for large organizations or high-volume dispensers who want to have multi-system integrations, custom workflows, custom reporting and data analytics capabilities.

  • All ADVANCED Features
  • ATP Credentialing
  • Custom Integrations w/ pharmacy systems
  • Custom workflows
  • Workflow Case Management
  • Business Intelligence Data and Analytics

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