Nutraceuticals: Protecting your products across the supply chain

You’ve worked hard to earn customer trust and loyalty. Systech helps keep your products authentic, safe and connected from the packaging line to the consumers hands.

What is your brand protection strategy?

When fake, poorly handled or ineffective versions of your products find their way to consumers, the results can range from disappointing to deadly. Fake product is often cheaply manufactured in unhygienic factories and contaminated by bacteria, carcinogens and toxins. Diverted products can be left in hot warehouses and relabeled to cover sell-by dates, all to fool customers—YOUR CUSTOMERS.

With decades of experience in the highly regulated and rigorous pharmaceutical arena, Systech knows what it takes to secure your supply chain.

The basics of product protection​

Most brand owners implement a layered approach to brand protection. Overt mechanisms like seals and stickers are typically used, but alone they won’t be enough to prevent counterfeiting and detect diversion. You need a rich, digitally based platform to truly protect your product.

Consider the benefits of item-level product serialization to bring pharmaceutical-like rigor to your supply chain. Serialization also provides compelling track-and-trace value, integrating with your distribution partners for full visibility and insight throughout the supply chain.

Authenticity and safety delivered through connectivity

The final layer of a holistic digital brand protection solution is individual item authentication. Systech’s solution leverages what you already have—the QR, serialized barcode or UPC on your current packaging—to defend your brand against counterfeiting and gray market threats. Our e-Fingerprint® technology turns your barcode into a unique digital identifier that’s impossible to duplicate.

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