Fake products... real risks!

Lassen Sie Fälscher nicht von Ihrem hart umkämpften Markenversprechen profitieren und gefährden Sie Ihre Kunden. Systech kann Ihre Lieferkette sichern, so dass niemand zwischen Sie und Ihre Kunden kommt.

What’s the cost of not protecting your products?

For consumers, fake products can put their health and safety at risk. For manufacturers, product counterfeiting means more financial and reputational risks. The goal is to stop product counterfeiting, and the responsibility for doing that falls mostly on manufacturers.  

A digital layer of protection is the best addition to your security strategy, and Systech has the best solution.

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Cosmetics, haircare and skincare products are favorite targets for counterfeiters. And the problem is only getting worse thanks to e-commerce. A recent study shows that 70% of beauty and personal care brands suffer from counterfeits within digital marketplaces!

Systech serialization and e-Fingerprint technology help ensure product authenticity. By implementing our brand protection solutions you make it easy for supply chain partners to authenticate your product—from packaging to the consumer.

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