Digital product passports: The future of brand protection

Mai 30, 2024
By Stephan von Schilcher

In an era where counterfeiting, product authenticity and diversion are pressing concerns, digital product passports (DPPs) are emerging as a revolutionary solution. They provide a comprehensive, traceable product history from source to end consumer—leveraging advanced technologies such as QR codes and blockchain. A DPP encapsulates all relevant product information, including origin, manufacturing process, ownership history and more. Because they are accessible via QR codes, consumers can use their smartphones to instantly access product details. 

The role of Systech in digital product passports

As a pioneer in serialization and authentication, Systech is at the forefront of this innovation. For years we have been delivering advanced digital solutions which use QR codes to help our customers authenticate and track products. We recently launched the next generation of our UniSecure® platform, a comprehensive product security solution for counterfeit and diversion detection. 

Our e-Fingerprint® technology leverages microvariations in printed codes to create a unique digital signature that cannot be replicated, providing a robust mechanism to combat counterfeiting and diversion. Our solutions empower brands to securely track and trace products throughout their lifecycle, ensuring consumers receive genuine goods. 

Enhancing brand protection

  • Anti-Counterfeiting: Counterfeit goods pose a significant issue across industries, leading to potential consumer harm and substantial financial losses. DPPs provide an effective deterrent. Each product is assigned a unique QR code linked to its tamper-proof digital passport, making it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to replicate. 
  • Supply Chain Visibility: By implementing DPPs, brands can achieve complete visibility across their supply chains. This transparency helps identify and address vulnerabilities to ensure that only genuine products reach consumers. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many industries, such as pharmaceuticals and food & beverage, face stringent regulatory requirements regarding product traceability and safety. DPPs facilitate compliance by providing a reliable and easily accessible record of a product’s journey from production to consumption. 

Strengthening anti-diversion efforts

  • Monitoring Distribution Channels: Umleitung, where products are sold outside authorized channels, can significantly impact brand reputation and profitability. DPPs allow brands to monitor distribution closely. Each product’s unique QR code helps track movement through the supply chain. 
  • Detecting Unauthorized Sales: If a product appears in an unauthorized market, the DPP can quickly reveal where and how the product was diverted. This capability allows brands to take swift action against unauthorized sellers. 

Boosting consumer engagement

  • Building Trust with Transparency: Consumers today are more informed and concerned about the authenticity and ethical sourcing of the products they purchase. By accessing the product’s DPP, consumers can verify authenticity and origin—building brand trust. 
  • Interactive Experiences: Beyond authentication, DPPs can offer consumers an interactive experience. Brands can include personalized messages, usage tips and promotional offers, enhancing customer experience and engagement. 

Looking ahead…

As DPPs become more prevalent, the benefits for brands and consumers will continue to grow. Integrating technologies like AI will further enhance the security and functionality of these passports to deliver even greater protection against counterfeiting and diversion while delivering a more personalized consumer experience. 

This technology represents a significant advancement in product security. Systech’s robust digital authentication and traceability solutions are paving the way for brands to ensure product authenticity, enhance supply chain visibility, prevent unauthorized sales and create meaningful consumer experiences. The future of brand protection is digital, and the DPP is at the heart of this transformation. 


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