Greater supply chain transparency begins with end-to-end traceability

Manufacturers require greater visibility across the supply chain to achieve objectives in compliance, resiliency, sustainability and digital transformation. Transparency begins with capturing accurate product data on the packaging line and develops into a digital representation of real-world processes and product flows.

Traceability in action

Systech provides a centralized, cloud-based solution for consolidating, sharing, managing and reporting product data from multiple sources across diverse supply chain ecosystems.

  • Get item transfer visibility and seamless, secure data exchange
  • Create, modify and order the processing of data based on your requirements
  • Address challenges such as recalls, warranty management, materials provenance and more

Data consolidation drives excellence​

The Systech platform allows you to identify and capture data for key supply chain metrics that help measure and improve performance from manufacturing to marketplace.

  • Integrate logistics, rework and exception handling—no third-​party software ​needed​
  • Generate, manage and report product data in a diverse supply chain ecosystem
  • Implement flexible, scalable functionality with configurable software​

Achieve key supply chain goals

Traceability provides both real-time visibility and historical insight into your supply chain to help avoid past mistakes, plan for future needs and become more responsive to industry, government and consumer demands.

By enabling you to track and share data, and get constant feedback, traceability empowers you to improve processes and collaboration in support of business objectives such as:

Risk mitigation

System efficiencies

Process Optimization

Regulatory compliance

Consumer Safety & Brand Protection

Sustainability and circularity

As supply chains become more complex, managing them requires a coordinated view of inputs, outputs, events and processes. Streamline the systems you have to get the information you need, when you need it, more efficiently with Systech for everyone in the supply chain ecosystem—manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors, 3PLs, dispensaries and regulatory bodies.

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