All-in-one solution for 3PLs

We provide a full featured, single-vendor solution for 3PLs to amplify efficiency of your business operations with rapid implementation.

Partner of choice for 3PLs

Systech provides a holistic solution tailored for third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to effortlessly digitize their global supply chain, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. Gain instant access to inbound serialization and aggregation data and downstream trading activities in real-time. Ensure compliance, enhance efficiency, and effectively handle exceptions through one trusted, full-stack vendor. 

Benefits include:

  • Complete Transparency: Ensure supply chain visibility with comprehensive track and trace platform. 
  • Real-Time Access: Enhance receiving procedures with unmatched multi-scan and mobile rework capabilities. 
  • Full Stack solution: Leading serialization and aggregation solutions for data exchange across the stack. 


Key Features:

  • Serialization 
  • API Integration 
  • Aggregation 
  • Exceptions Management 
  • VRS 
  • Inbound Scanning 

DSCSA compliance

The FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to be fully compliant, with electronic, interoperable systems in placeby the November 2024, enforcement deadline. Systech provides a complete  compliance solution for everyone in the ecosystem including 3PLs. 

Exceptions management

Systech offers comprehensive rework for exceptions management starting on the line and through the supply chain, with rapid deployment and seamless connectivity. Leverage the benefits of working with a trusted L1-L5 provider that can interface with any L4 platform to manage exceptions and ensure the physical matches the digital. 

Serialization & aggregation

Systech‘s serialization platform is built on decades of packaging execution systems experience. The platform provides a single, enterprise-wide view of your serialization and distribution data for greater visibility and informed decision-making, while also meeting the immediate need to be compliant. Our robust aggregation tools are proven to optimize operations and support data integrity.

Supply chain transparency

Systech’s traceability platform (L4) enables end-to-end supply-chain tracing from point of manufacture to point of dispense. You have complete item transfer visibility across your global supply chain.

  • Integrate logistics, rework and exception handling—no third- party software needed  
  • générer, gérer et communiquer des données sur les produits dans un écosystème logistique complexe 
  • mettre en œuvre des fonctionnalités souples et évolutives avec des logiciels configurables 


WEBINAR | June 6th at 10am EST/4pm CET

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Exclusive data-driven session on “Solving the Critical Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges” with the latest research findings on industry trends and innovative technologies to address market needs.