Tackle exceptions management with Systech rework

We offer comprehensive rework for exceptions management starting on the line and through the supply chain, with rapid deployment and seamless connectivity.

Ensuring the digital matches the physical

Exceptions management is a critical process that focuses on identifying and resolving data issues that arise during the production and distribution of products. In the pharma industry it directly impacts compliance, quality, operational efficiency, distribution and patient safety.

As trading partners continue to implement and fine-tune their processes to adhere to DSCSA guidelines, the volume of errors related to discrepancies between the data received and the product received in the shipment is expected to increase exponentially. Considering the challenges related to counterfeits, drug shortages and patient safety, efficient handling of exceptions becomes imperative.   

Systech offers comprehensive rework for exceptions management starting on the line and through the supply chain, with rapid deployment and seamless connectivity for everyone in the supply chain ecosystem—manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors, 3PLs, dispensaries and regulatory bodies. 

What are examples of exceptions?

  • Data Issues
  • Damaged Products
  • Product, No Data
  • Data, No Product
  • Packaging issues
  • Product Hold
  • Recalls
  • Exempt Product


Out of the box solution to mitigate risks

Systech rework is a simple plugin that offers robust features and functionality.

  • Quick path to compliance: EPCIS checker serves as a built-in data inspector, reducing hours to check and reconcile the data.    
  • Avoid quarantine and delays: Communication hub automates notifications to trading partners and regulatory authorities. 
  • Keep your operations moving: Rapid deployment, multi-scan, and mobile flexibility optimize production and resolution time.   

Rapid implementation in three easy steps


1. Enable connection to your L4


2. Seamlessly exchange data


3. Solve for exceptions

Systech takes the complexity out of managing exceptions

Systech’s solution makes exceptions handling simple, providing swift data reconciliation and resolution. Leverage the benefits of working with a trusted L1-L5 provider that can interface with any L4 platform to manage exceptions and ensure the physical matches the digital. 

Embracing innovation and growth for over a decade

As rework pioneers, we carry 15 years of excellence—starting on the line, all the way through the pharma supply chain.

  • First to market with intuitive packaging rework and mobile supply chain rework
  • Perform in lot, post lot and supply chain rework
  • Multiple platform options (PC, mobile, cloud UI)

Implement unrivaled exception handling!

Systech’s highly reliable and scalable solutions effectively mitigate risk and keep the data—and your product—moving. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a rework expert.

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