PRINCETON, NJ – (September 4, 2019) Systech and San Francisco based Chronicled recently completed a successful end-to-end VRS test with SAP SE. Systech, a global technology leader in digital brand protection and authentication, and Chronicled, a leader in providing blockchain and IoT global supply chain ecosystems, have partnered to deliver a VRS (verification router service) solution. Systech has integrated its cloud-based level 4 product UniTrace, into MediLedger, Chronicled’s VRS solution. This cloud-based solution meets the saleable returns requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). As of November 27, 2019, the DSCSA requires wholesale distributors to begin verifying returned products before they can redistribute them.

Systech, Chronicled, and SAP SE participated in the HDA consortium for the development of architecture and communication messaging standards. In July, this group demonstrated a successful verification request of a serial number through the MediLedger network. This included the scanning of a serial number, generation of a verification request by SAP SE, routing of the request using a blockchain-based lookup directory, creation of a response by UniTrace, and routing of the response back to SAP SE. This successful test represents a real-world end-to-end scenario.

As a pioneer in serialization, Systech has protected the pharmaceutical supply chain for decades helping ensure the safety of tens of billions of products annually. “With roughly 60 million returns per year, it is critical that manufacturers and distributors deploy a robust and interoperable VRS solution to meet the November deadline efficiently and on time,” said Joe Belenardo, Senior Vice President, Systech. Belenardo went on to add, “Systech continues to revolutionize supply chain security and brand protection and realizes that it often takes forward thinking partners like Chronicled to help deliver the best possible solution that protects our clients and their consumers.”

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