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By Steve Tallant | May 20, 2022
Protecting healthcare workers from counterfeit PPE

Crime has no moral code. If you have a high-demand product, people will likely counterfeit it.

Counterfeit PPE
By Steve Tallant | Mar 21, 2022
Protecting your brand in emerging markets

Customers face serious challenges in purchasing authentic and safe products in every marketplace, every day.

By Steve Tallant | Jan 12, 2022
At-home coronavirus test kits: the real counterfeiter’s dream

When testing sites were established around the globe with unprecedented demand, counterfeiting was quick to follow.

By Steve Tallant | Dec 21, 2021
Pharma brands shouldn’t wait to aggregate

Is a deadline an obligation or an opportunity? That’s something many pharma companies, particularly in the US, are considering as they look ahead to November 27, 2023.

Aggregation Efficiency
By Steve Tallant | Oct 29, 2021
The most wonderful time of the year… for counterfeiters

Huge demand plus limited supply creates a perfect environment for counterfeiters.

By Steve Tallant | Aug 10, 2021
How to combat counterfeiting in the health industry

The frontline of defense against counterfeiting is adding a digital layer of product protection.

Counterfeit Diversion PPE
By Steve Tallant | Jan 5, 2021
Has global pharma serialization stopped counterfeiting?

Serialization alone is not an anti-counterfeiting solution. Layers of protection are needed to secure the pharma supply chain.

By Steve Tallant | Sep 10, 2020
4 mistakes to avoid in your next serialization project

Just because major regulatory deadlines are behind us, serialization isn’t “over” in pharma.

Best practices Testing
By Dave Cassett | Jan 7, 2019
Systech UniSeries rises to the repackaging challenge

Drug repackagers face unique challenges, driven by their distinctive position in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Aggregation Repackaging

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