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By Steve Tallant | May 2, 2023
DSCSA, November 2023 and Pharmacies – Q&A

We discuss the requirements, challenges and guidance for pharmacies as they prep for compliance.  

DSCSA Pharmacies
By Steve Tallant | Apr 14, 2023
DCSCA and Authorized Trading Partners, a closer look

A webinar recap on how to ensure secure data exchange with trusted entities only.

By Joe Lipari | Apr 5, 2023
A DSCSA checklist for pharmacies

Prepare your pharmacy to meet DSCSA requirements by November 27, 2023.

DSCSA Pharmacies
By Steve Tallant | Mar 9, 2023
DSCSA and exception handling — We need a plan

Dealing with data matching exceptions efficiently will be critical to keep the pharma supply chain moving.

DSCSA Exception handling
By Steve Tallant | Feb 23, 2023
Aggregation isn’t “mandated” for DSCSA but it is required

Many major wholesalers are leading the charge for receiving aggregated data—requiring that manufacturers be able to digitally send pallet identifiers with corresponding digital details of all shipments sent to them. Without this data being aggregated, wholesale staff would have to open each pallet and manually scan each serialized product.  

Aggregation DSCSA
By Steve Tallant | Jan 23, 2023
A new year’s resolution for the nutraceutical industry

Company's have an opportunity to look inward towards self-improvement with a focus on brand protection and supply chain “health”. 

Brand protection Counterfeit
By Dave DeJean | Jan 11, 2023
Safeguarding success for an e-nicotine delivery system company

Protecting brand integrity is a multifaceted discipline which can be complicated by counterfeiting and diversion, as well as meeting high traceability standards.

Brand protection Transparency
By Brittany Santiago | Nov 22, 2022
DSCSA interoperability deadline: Is your organization ready?

Systech and Vantage discuss what it takes to be compliant by November 2023, the final DSCSA deadline.

Aggregation DSCSA
By Steve Tallant | Aug 23, 2022
Hey pharma: Data is as important as the drugs. No data? No delivery.

There is a comprehensive data collection and integration reality that is required to get drugs through the supply chain and to the patients who need them.


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