Thursday, March 30 | 10am EDT/3pm GMT/4pm CET

Serialization Equipment Specifications for Rapid Deployment

For: Senior professionals from pharmaceutical manufacturing companies 

Frequently customers request our team to visit their packaging lines to gather information needed in order to prepare a proposal. Providing the right information is key to establish clear equipment requirements and to streamline the quoting and design process. This webinar will provide our customers with the most important equipment requirements the OEM is looking to support the deployment of a rapid serialization equipment implementation.
-Dra. Rosamari Feliu, VP of Quality & Client Relations, Ultimate Solutions Corp.
-Ignacio Muñoz Guerra, Director of AUTOPAK Engineering and Business Partner UPAK
-Yoel F. Rivera, President Ultimate Solutions Corp., and Business Partner UPAK


About Upak Global
Upak Global is the brand protection division of Ultimate Solutions Corp. and AutoPak Engineering Corporation. The company leverage their unique combine product handling, industrial automation, serialization and validation expertise to provides a turn key solution to customers. The combine experience allows Upak Global to mitigate serialization equipment implementation risk and to add value to the end user.


Wednesday, April 12 | 11-11:30am EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET

Getting Serious About Pharmaceutical Serialization

For: Pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals around the world

This webinar addresses pharmaceutical manufacturers’ needs for elegant packaged solutions that are alternatives to customized software to configure and administer line- and machine-level serialization operations.  Systech’s Machine-Level, Line-Level and Site-Level solutions were the first to deliver enterprise-ready serialization for the pharmaceutical industry.

You Will Learn:

  • How Systech approaches the multiple tiers of data management involved on the line
  • How Systech’s products have evolved into a broad-coverage, easily configured suite of packaging and serialization solutions


Join Steve Tallant, Systech’s director of product management, for an informative half hour!


Wednesday, April 19 | 10am EDT/3pm GMT/4pm CET

Protecting Your Brands Against Theft and Counterfeiting in 2017 and Beyond

For: Brand owners; Brand protection officers; Product marketing managers; Chief security officers; and Brand legal professionals around the world

Counterfeit products not only affect consumers but also result in huge losses for the manufacturing companies. Anti-counterfeit technology helps companies to reduce losses incurred from counterfeiting and maintain their brand image. Governments in various nations are taking strong steps to stop counterfeiting and spread awareness among consumers to identify and not buy counterfeit products.

This webinar will introduce Systech’s UniSecure. Its distinctive competence lies in its ability to provide product authentication and brand protection capabilities to uniquely identify and authenticate products. UniSecure is a universal, world-class brand and product protection solution that derives a unique identification signature from an existing 1D or 2D barcode. The signature is then stored in the cloud for future authentication using a mobile app.

Join this webinar to find out how UniSecure protects against counterfeiting with a non-additive technology, making every product unique using a fingerprint derived from a product’s barcode.

Systech features monthly webinars on serialization, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. Our on-demand webinars are shown here, and we invite you to download and watch/listen on your own schedule!

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