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Wednesday, July 19 | 10am EDT | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET

Make Your Current Package or Label ‘Smart’ and Able to Communicate

Everything in today’s world is about the connected “everything.” Smart products, the Internet of Things, a world where “E-everything” is the norm. The vast majority of products in the global marketplace, however, are decidedly non-connected. They may have some codes to scan where you are directed to a generic website for some information. But there is no one-to-one communication or connectivity for that product.

What if your unique and singular product in the marketplace could communicate back? And what if you knew exactly which individual package it was from your production line? What would you want to communicate to the person holding the product? What information would you want that person to give back? What if we actually had the ability to “connect” the non-connected?

Join this session and find out more.

DSCSA Enforcement Delay



Thursday, July 27 | 11am EDT | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET

The Delay of DSCSA: The Good, The Bad, and What’s Next

Now that the FDA has announced its intention to delay enforcement of the November 27, 2017 serialization mandate of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) for drug manufacturers, what should your strategy be? Is a delay like this good for everyone? Should you change your current serialization efforts? Should you change from your current serialization provider? You may be surprised at the new options available from this decision.

The recent announcement by the FDA can be easily misinterpreted.  Systech’s Regulatory Strategist, Dirk Rodgers, will explain exactly what the FDA says it will do—and won’t do—and what it means to manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors and dispensers.

Don’t alter or finalize your serialization plans until you attend this timely session.

Systech features monthly webinars on serialization, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. Our on-demand webinars are shown here, and we invite you to download and watch/listen on your own schedule!

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