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Systech To Feature Brand Protection Expert at June 6 Webcast

Branding Authority Mark Davison Speaks on Digital Technology to Protect Customers and Patients from Counterfeit Products

PRINCETON, NJ – (May 31, 2017) – Systech International, a global technology leader in brand protection solutions, is proud to sponsor a live webcast titled “Unexpected Item in the Branding Area,” taking place June 6, 2017 at 11AM EDT | 4PM GMT | 5PM CET. The webcast will feature Mark Davison, CEO, Blue Sphere Health—an author, consultant, and leading anti-counterfeiting and product security technology expert, and Jim Sinisgalli, Systech UniSecure™ Director of Product Management, Brand Protection.

The webinar is intended to raise awareness regarding the real danger of counterfeit products as a threat to brand loyalty, consumer and patient safety, and company revenue. Failure to mitigate this risk can result in a loss in brand reputation, reduced consumer confidence, financial ramifications, and even loss of lives. Current serialization and traceability programs are not effective to guarantee the genuine product because of duplication. Counterfeiting is a growing, global problem, and no brand owner should be complacent.

According to Mr. Davison, “The biggest risks affect those companies who manufacture ingestible or injectable products – these enter the body and therefore have direct potential for real harm. But if you are a brand owner – regardless of industry – you have an implicit responsibility to keep consumers safe. Any company that makes a product is susceptible to pirating, with potentially harmful results. Those companies that incorporate authentication into their commercial and business processes are the most effective in limiting this risk.”

In the webinar, Mr. Davison will review the various types of technologies available for detection of counterfeit products, including both overt and covert solutions. He will also cover when and how to use each, what results companies have had to date, and sustainable strategies for companies to emulate.

Mr. Sinisgalli will detail how Systech’s UniSecure cloud-based brand protection offering identifies counterfeiting, diversion and gray market issues for companies, regardless of industry, geography or volume, with no changes to existing packaging lines or processes.

Jim Lee, Systech’s SVP of Product Management states, “Our offering is unique in that it is the only authentication solution that is non-intrusive, non-replicable, scalable, responsive, and adaptable—all while enabling brand protection anytime, anywhere in the supply chain. Whether serialization or traceability play a part in a company’s anti-counterfeiting solution, UniSecure secures the gaps in the supply chain.”

About UniSecure™

Systech UniSecure works by deriving a unique digital signature from an existing 1D or 2D barcode printed on an item or its package. The technology detects unique printed microvariances in the barcode and creates an inherently covert product identifier, or e-Fingerprint, associated with each identifiable unit. UniSecure provides a non-additive barrier to counterfeiters – all without disruption to packaging lines.