Systech is the global technology leader in anti-counterfeiting, product safety, and brand protection

For more than 30 years, our innovations have led best practices for key brands representing companies within the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods (CPG), food and beverage, aviation, automotive, and life sciences industries.

We understand the threats to global supply chains and the benefit of strong brand protection better than anyone because we invented and patented many of the advances that have become today’s industry standards. Our journey is celebrated by numerous milestones, which have advanced our clients’ businesses and our industry.


  • Invented a single solution combining vision technology with procedural management and device communication.
  • Developed Systech TIPS (Total Integrated Packaging Security) in the early 1990s—a uniform integration platform that revolutionized the way packaging security is managed.
  • Invented the first seamless integrated products, Systech Sentri and Systech Advisor, in 1997, facilitating real-time production monitoring, control, data collection, and reporting for its customers.
  • Patented new technologies, such as Systech Item Process Stream (IPS), which supports the development and deployment of new serialization, and Systech Item. DNA, which facilitates the storage and tracking of a product’s characteristics, providing brand owners with advanced insight into their supply chains.
  • Introduced the proprietary Packaging Execution System (PES) in 2005 with the introduction of Systech Guardian, which powers mass serialization and track and trace of item-level products.
  • Created Systech Citadel in 2012, a cloud-based infrastructure, enabling connectivity across multiple sites enterprise-wise.
  • Developed the industry’s only standardized enterprise-level serialization solution

Our groundbreaking advances set the stage for track-and-trace and authentication technologies that have now been adopted by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, with international offices in Brussels, Belgium, the Systech sales, technical support and services teams guide, partner and support leading brands globally.